2013 Bmw M3 Limousine

bmw m3 limousine

bmw m3 limousine

Answer by Fred
As somebody that has researched these details thoroughly himself, take it from me: the query is almost unanswerable, plus we can’t discover any single list, except we narrow a criteria. It’s a long-winded answer, yet you’ll see why. I’ll begin with concerns which illustrate the range issue, with samples of every, thus to consider what’s significant to we, plus then try to point we inside the proper way because right I will, depending about what you need to recognize. Here we go:

Problems of geographical scope:
Do we imply all vehicles available inside the United States? No contemporary Renault, Peugeot, Rover, or Pagani makes the list because respect. Perhaps which doesn’t matter, however you’d have to spell out which point. Even Canada has models unavailable to United-Statesians. Even in the event you expand the list to include Europe, you’re forgetting Holdens, Ford of Australia models, plus various Japan-only models, really because a begin, and the Chinese car industry plus nascent industries inside many of Latin American, Asian, plus even African states.

Production criteria:
Do we include replica vehicle machines? These might the Avantis, Zimmers, plus Stutzes of the planet. There are possibly a couple dozen or even more of these businesses nevertheless running inside the States alone — there utilized to be more.
Do you count rebodies plus tuners because machines of separate vehicles? Classic example: the Callaway C12, a conversion of the ’97-’04 Chevrolet Corvette, that looked radically different within the authentic. Fisker models (Latigo plus Tramonto) present the same issue.
Do you need to count ultra-low-volume vehicles? Only a couple dozen Vectors (plus even fewer Isderas or ‘Benz CLK-GTRs), for illustration, were ever prepared, even so they are truly well-known inside enthusiast circles.
If you’re simply considering the States, do you need to count all imported vehicles, or exclude gray marketplace vehicles? For instance, the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer was not available Stateside, however, a amount of mechanics took a shot at changing the vehicles to satisfy import needs.
What regarding secondary importers? ZAP, for illustration, sold the outgoing Smart ForTwo inside the States, with a dealer network, despite having no help from DaimlerChrysler.
One-off custom variants? These might include single cars like the Bentley-badged Camargue, the conversions completed for the Sultan of Brunei, or the coupe versions of the ‘Benz 600 Pullman, created for M-B technicians.
In respect to body designs, do we count long-wheelbase models because a separate fashion, or not? As an example, there was clearly a limousine adaptation of the W220 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (the Pullman) available inside Europe. There are equally short- plus long-wheelbase versions of the amount of US-market cars, like the Audi A8 or BMW 7-Series. They aren’t officially different body designs, however they do look different from every different.
In the same vein, pickup pickups are only considered pickup pickups, however team cabs are distinct from usual cabs, plus long-bed Ford F-150s look a lot different from short-bed ones. Do you desire details for every, or not?
What regarding seriously retuned models? An illustration will be the BMW M3 vs. an average 3-Series?
What regarding track-only creation vehicles? The Ferrari FXX is 1 illustration. It’s not street-legal anywhere, however 20 were built for $ 1.8M every.
Do we count “typical” cars, or include less “mainstream” models? The International CXT & RXT, for illustration, are heavy-duty pickups crafted both for experts plus millionaires. They aren’t inside the same league because average customer pickups, even these huge cars because the Ford F-350 (or newly-available-to-the-public F-450), however they are meant for people.
Finally, how about cars not crafted for retail customers at all? These might include rental vehicles like the Chevrolet Classic, plus commercial-duty pickup pickups like the Chevrolet Kodiak.

Chronological criteria:
Do we wish the last five years, twenty years, or the whole history of the vehicle? This begs the query of whether historic Pierce-Arrows or Auburns are significant , or whether you’re just interested inside reasonably modern models. The difficulty inside acquiring info looks to strengthen exponentially with each elder model year, even with all the resources of the Internet.
For which matter, what defines a model year to you: the title or the VIN amount? Many vehicles are “rebadged” by dealers because a later model year when unsold, yet VIN numbers are the most commonly known decider.
Finally, whose model years are we utilizing? Model years are marked differently for US-market cars. Rolls-Royce started marketing a automobile about January 5, 2003, nevertheless it had been a 2004 model year car (which model year lasted virtually a year along with a half). The aged S-Class went from creation for Germany inside ’98, however continued longer for the States.

So, there are the issues. In setting up a still-nascent site to catalog all vehicles available inside the U.S. because 1960, I’ve had to debate plus answer all these issues, thus I tell those to we to illustrate how a easy query is truly a very complicated matter, especially dependent about how 1 chooses to define it.

I’ve found mistakes inside many of books plus sites, considering several details receive discounted, others are disputed, plus nobody looks to recognize — occasionally even the producers don’t, or won’t, have an answer. But, here are certain resources which would help:

One very thorough resource is http://auto.consumerguide.com/ , that catalogs vehicles by create plus shape generation, plus has very thorough info for main producers back to 1990 below their chosen vehicles section. But, that’s just for the U.S., plus it doesn’t include the rarer kinds of cars. It usually list body designs added plus dropped, normally, however, not constantly, plus doesn’t include full details about all trim degrees (except inside the modern car reviews).

Http://www.kbb.com/ plus http://www.edmunds.com have certain comparatively thorough info along very synonymous lines, however, even these aren’t totally complete, plus occasionally they contradict every additional. This really is partially considering producers often change elements partway by the model year, or *say* they’re going to do anything, that gets reported because truth, plus then not receive about to doing it, creating confusion.

The “Standard Catalog of…” series of books from Krause is very complete plus exact — with few mistakes or confusion — except for the single amount which covers imported vehicles, that is rife with mistakes plus omissions.

Imports are usually much trickier to analysis, very low-volume importers, considering they are less sensitive to model years. For instance, several sources state the Ferrari 360 Spider went from creation following MY2004. Not true. I think just 20 or thus 360 Spiders were available because ’05s, however they have MY2005 VIN numbers, so that they do exist. Moreover, imports come plus go more frequently inside the marketplace, plus it’s much harder to track that versions of that import were or weren’t available here, very further back inside time. In several instances, vehicles were planned to come to the States however not arrived (the Maserati Karif, for illustration, was guaranteed for a number of years).

Finally, 1 very thorough resource (at smallest for the U.S.) is this: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bymodel/bymakemodelNF.shtml, that is the EPA’s official list for the US marketplace because the modern formula was introduced for 1985. It might take forever to look by hand, nevertheless it’s very exact. But, even found on the official site of the agency which tests all vehicles for emissions plus fuel economy criteria, mistakes persist. For instance, it doesn’t mention the 2005 Morgan V6 Roadster, the Koenigsegg CCX, or perhaps a quantity of alternative cars, yet does include a quantity of grey-import models, plus tuner cars like Roush Mustangs. So, it’s a wise resource, nevertheless not ideal.

Should you need very exact international stuff, pay a visit to http://www.globalautoindex.com/ . It’s really exact, for the many piece, plus involves countless cars. Another publication, World Cars 2007 or anything that way, is found inside the periodicals section of numerous bookstores, plus is a great resource yielded with a Polish publisher. However, it does have a gap here plus there, plus gets somewhat confused by model years.

Wikipedia has a great deal of superior info, however gets somewhat brief about detail, incredibly year-by-year, plus naturally is just because exact because its dumbest editors.

My best information? Check out all these, plus you can commence a list. Decide how thorough you need to be, and commence eliminating. Should you don’t drop at smallest certain categories, you’ll NEVER discover an answer, guaranteed. We must consider books, especially at older duplicates of Buyer’s Guides within the main publications, that several libraries bind plus keep about hand for years. A active buyer’s guide from Road & Track or the like will list ALMOST all cars within the present model year, however, skips several exotics, all grey-markets, plus all third-party producers.

In brief, you’ll need to build the list oneself if you would like it to be exactly exact, plus you need those computer resources, countless books like the “Standard Catalog of…” series, plus back issues of trade periodicals. Start with car.consumerguide.com, plus you can build a very fast list of standard, mainstream cars which is about 96% exact for those models, plus then you are able to fill inside the spaces from there.

I sincerely hope this assists, plus I’m sorry when it is actually less precise an answer because we would like. I’ll provide we a head-start: here’s the list of manufacturing, first-manufacturer, retail-sale plus street-legal models plus body-styles available inside the United States for the 2007 model year.

RL (sedan)
TL (sedan)
TSX (sedan)

Aston Martin
DB9 (coupe plus Volante convertible)
V8 Vantage (coupe plus Roadster)

A3 (wagon)
A4, S4, plus RS4 (sedan, wagon, plus convertible)
A6 & S6 (sedan, wagon, plus convertible)
A8 & S8 (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
Q7 (SUV [or crossover vehicle])
(NO TT FOR ’07, skips from 2006 to 2008 model with redesign)

Arnage/Arnage RL (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
Azure (convertible)
Continental Flying Spur (sedan)
Continental GT/GTC (hardtop coupe [or 2-door sedan], convertible)


3-Series (sedan, wagon, plus coupe [2-door sedan])
5-Series & M5 (sedan, wagon)
6-Series & M6 (coupe, convertible)
7-Series & Alpina B7 (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
X3 (crossover vehicle)
X5 (crossover vehicle)
Z4 & M (hatchback coupe, roadster)

EB16.4 Veyron (coupe)

LaCrosse (sedan)
Lucerne (sedan)
Rainier (SUV)
Rendezvous (SUV [or crossover vehicle])
Terraza (minivan)

CTS & CTS-V (sedan)
DTS (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
Escalade (SUV)
Escalade ESV (SUV)
Escalade EXT (sport-utility truck)
SRX (crossover vehicle)
STS & STS-V (sedan)
XLR & XLR-V (hardtop roadster)

Avalanche (sport-utility truck)
Aveo sedan
Aveo hatchback (older design)
Cobalt (sedan, coupe)
Colorado (standard, extended, plus team cab pickup trucks)
Corvette & Z06 (coupe, convertible)
Equinox (crossover vehicle)
Express (short- plus long-wheelbase van)
Impala (sedan)
HHR (wagon)
Malibu & Malibu Maxx (sedan, wagon)
Monte Carlo (coupe [2-door sedan])
Silverado (team cab, short-/med-/long-bed extended cab, plus short-/long-bed standard cab pickup trucks)
Silverado Classic (team cab, short-/med-/long-bed extended cab, plus short-/long-bed usual cab pickup trucks)
Silverado HD (short-/long-bed team cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus normal cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel choice for long-bed models about 3500 Series)
Silverado HD Classic (short-/long-bed team cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus standard cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel choice for long-bed models about 3500 Series)
Suburban (SUV)
Tahoe (SUV)
Trailblazer (SUV)
Uplander (minivan)

300/300C & SRT8 (sedan)
Aspen (SUV)
Crossfire & SRT6 (hatchback coupe, roadster)
Pacifica (crossover vehicle)
PT Cruiser (wagon)
Sebring (sedan)
Town & Country (short- plus long-wheelbase minivans)

Caliber (4-door hatchback)
Caravan (minivan)
Charger & SRT8 (sedan)
Dakota (extended-cab plus team cab pickup trucks)
Durango (SUV)
Grand Caravan (long-wheelbase minivan)
Magnum (wagon)
Nitro (SUV)
Ram & SRT10 (short-/long-bed usual cab, short-/long-bed team cab, plus long-wheelbase team cab pickup trucks)
Ram HD & Power Wagon (short-/long-bed normal cab, short-/long-bed team cab, plus long-wheelbase team cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel choice for 3500 models)
Sprinter (short-, medium- plus long-wheelbase vans, with short- plus high-roof versions for 2 WBs)
(NO VIPER FOR ’07, skips from 2006 to 2008 model with facelift)

599 GTB Fiorano (coupe)
612 Scaglietti (coupe)
F430 (coupe, Spider roadster)

Crown Victoria (sedan)
Econoline (short- plus long-wheelbase vans)
Edge (crossover vehicle)
Escape (SUV)
Expedition (short- plus long-wheelbase SUVs)
Explorer (SUV)
Explorer Sport Trac (team cab pickup truck)
F-150 (short-/long-bed usual cab, short-/medium-/long-bed extended cab, plus short-/long-bed team cab pickup trucks)
F-Series Super Duty (short-/long-bed team cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus standard cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel way for long-bed models about F-350)
5 Hundred (sedan)
Focus (2-door hatchback coupe, 4-door sedan, 4-door hatchback, plus wagon)
Freestar (minivan)
Freestyle (crossover vehicle)
Fusion (sedan)
Mustang & GT500 (coupe, convertible)
Ranger (extended cab, short- plus long-bed normal cab pickup trucks)

Acadia (crossover vehicle)
Canyon (normal, extended cab, plus team cab pickup trucks)
Envoy & Denali (SUV)
Savana (short- plus long-wheelbase vans)
Sierra (team cab, short-/med-/long-bed extended cab, plus short-/long-bed usual cab pickup trucks)
Sierra Classic (team cab, short-/med-/long-bed extended cab, plus short-/long-bed usual cab pickup trucks)
Sierra HD (short-/long-bed team cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus normal cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel choice for long-bed models about 3500 Series)
Sierra HD Classic (short-/long-bed team cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus usual cab pickup pickups, with dual-rear-wheel way for long-bed models about 3500 Series)
Yukon & Denali (SUV)
Yukon XL & Denali (SUV)

Accord (sedan, coupe [2-door sedan])
Civic (sedan, coupe)
CR-V (crossover vehicle)
Element (wagon)
Fit (4-door hatchback)
Odyssey (minivan)
Pilot (crossover)
Ridgeline (crossover team cab pickup truck)
S2000 (roadster)

H2 (SUV, sport-utility truck)
H3 (SUV)

Accent (2-door hatchback, 4-door sedan)
Azera (sedan)
Elantra (sedan)
Entourage (minivan)
Santa Fe (crossover vehicle)
Sonata (sedan)
Tiburon (coupe)
Tuscon (crossover vehicle)
Veracruz (SUV)

FX35/45 (crossover vehicle)
G35 sedan
G35 coupe
M35/45 (sedan)
QX56 (SUV)

Ascender (SUV)
i-Series (standard cab plus team cab pickup trucks)

S-Type & R (sedan)
X-Type (sedan, wagon)
XJ-Series & XJR (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
XK/XKR (coupe, convertible)

Commander (SUV)
Compass (wagon)
Grand Cherokee (SUV)
Liberty (SUV)
Patriot (wagon)
Wrangler & Unlimited (2-door SUV, 4-door SUV)

Amanti (sedan)
Optima (sedan)
Rio (sedan, wagon)
Rondo (wagon)
Sedona (short- plus long-wheelbase minivans)
Sorento (crossover vehicle)
Spectra (sedan, wagon)
Sportage (crossover vehicle)

CCX (targa-roof coupe)

Gallardo & Spyder (coupe, roadster)
Murcielago LP640 (coupe, Roadster)

Land Rover
Range Rover (SUV)
Range Rover Sport (SUV)

ES 350 (sedan)
GS 350/430/450h (sedan)
GX 470 (SUV)
IS 250/350 (sedan)
LS 460 (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)
LX 470 (SUV)
RX 350/400h (crossover vehicle)
SC 430 (hardtop convertible)

Mark LT (short- plus long-bed team cab pickup trucks)
MKX (crossover vehicle)
MKZ (sedan)
Navigator (short- plus long-wheelbase SUVs)
Town Car (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)

Elise (roadster)
Exige (coupe)

Coupe (coupe)
Gransport (coupe, roadster)
Quattroporte (sedan)

57/57S (sedan)
62/62S (sedan)

B-Series (usual plus extended-cab pickup trucks)
CX-7 (crossover vehicle)
CX-9 (crossover vehicle)
MAZDA3 (sedan, 4-door hatchback)
MAZDA5 (mini-MPV)
MAZDA6 (sedan, 4-door hatchback, wagon)
MX-5 (roadster, hardtop roadster)
RX-8 (2+2-door sedan)

C-Class (sedan)
CL-Class (2-door hardtop coupe)
CLK-Class (coupe, convertible)
CLS-Class (sedan)
E-Class (sedan, wagon)
G-Class (SUV)
GL-Class (SUV)
M-Class (SUV)
R-Class (crossover vehicle)
S-Class (sedan)
SL-Class (hardtop roadster)
SLK-Class (hardtop roadster)
SLR (coupe)

Grand Marquis (sedan)
Mariner (SUV)
Milan (sedan)
Montego (sedan)
Mountaineer (SUV)

Cooper (2-door hatchback coupe, convertible)

Eclipse (coupe, Spyder convertible)
Endeavour (crossover vehicle)
Galant (sedan)
Outlander (crossover vehicle)
Raider (extended-cab plus team cab pickup trucks)
(NO LANCER FOR ’07, skips from 2006 to 2008 model with redesign)

Aero 8 (roadster)

MT900 (coupe)

350Z (coupe, roadster)
Altima (sedan)
Armada (SUV)
Frontier (short- plus long-wheelbase extended cab, team cab pickup trucks)
Maxima (sedan)
Murano (crossover vehicle)
Pathfinder (SUV)
Quest (minivan)
Sentra (sedan)
Titan (team cab plus extended-cab pickup trucks)
Versa (sedan, wagon)
Xterra (SUV)

Esperante (coupe, roadster)

Grand Prix (sedan)
G5 (sedan)
G6 (sedan, coupe, hardtop convertible)
Solstice (roadster)
Torrent (crossover vehicle)
Vibe (wagon)

911 & Turbo/GT3 (coupe, widebody coupe, convertible, widebody convertible)
Boxster (roadster)
Cayman (hatchback coupe)
(NO CAYENNE FOR ’07, skips from 2006 to 2008 model with facelift)

Phantom (short- plus long-wheelbase sedans)

9-3 (sedan, wagon, convertible)
9-5 (sedan, wagon)
9-7X (SUV)

S7 TwinTurbo (coupe)

Aura (sedan)
Ion (sedan, 2+2-door sedan)
Outlook (crossover vehicle)
Relay (minivan)
Sky (roadster)
Vue (crossover)

(NO xB FOR ’07, skips from 2006 to 2008 model with redesign)

C8 Spyder & Laviolette (coupe, widebody coupe, convertible, widebody convertible)

B9 Tribeca (crossover vehicle)
Forester (crossover vehicle)
Impreza & WRX & Outback Sport (sedan, wagon)
Legacy (sedan, wagon)
Outback (wagon)

Aerio (sedan)
Forenza (sedan)
Grand Vitara (SUV)
Reno (wagon)
SX4 (4-door hatchback)
XL7 (crossover vehicle)

4Runner (SUV)
Avalon (sedan)
Camry (sedan)
Camry Solara (coupe, convertible)
Corolla (sedan)
FJ Cruiser (SUV)
Highlander (crossover vehicle)
Land Cruiser (SUV)
Matrix (wagon)
Prius (4-door hatchback sedan)
RAV4 (crossover vehicle)
Sequoia (SUV)
Sienna (minivan)
Tacoma (usual cab, extended cab, plus short-/long-bed team cab pickup trucks)
Tundra (short-/long-bed usual cab, short-/long-bed extended cab, plus team cab pickup trucks)
Yaris (2-door hatchback, sedan)

Eos (hardtop convertible)
GTI (2-door hatchback, 4-door hatchback)
Jetta (sedan)
New Beetle (hatchback coupe, convertible)
Passat (sedan, wagon)
Rabbit (2-door hatchback, 4-door hatchback)
Touareg (SUV [crossover])

S40 (sedan)
S60 (sedan)
S80 (sedan)
V50 (wagon)
V70 (wagon)
XC70 (wagon)
XC90 (crossover vehicle)

Well, that’s 1 year down, hopefully which offers we a baseline. The resources I listed above could aid with all the rest.

bmw m3 limousine

bmw m3 limousine

bmw m3 limousine