2013 Bmw Commercial Song

San Diego, CA. (PRWEB) October 05, 2013

Pop singer, Miz Mandy, introduced her 3rd album, MouseTrap, inside late 2013. Produced by Los Angeles songwriter plus composer, Ryan Franks, Miz Mandy claims which the new musical way might challenge her fans musically plus lyrically. Its rather different from my previous albums, however I think individuals might love it. Ryan Franks agrees, The fusing of dirty, trashed out synthesizer components, lush strings, thick grooves plus certain cool twists plus turns inside the vocals has built a different sound. http://www.MizMandy.com/

Miz Mandy calls the brand-new sound Cinematic pop/rock plus claims which she wrote the lyrics within the point of view of the femme fatale, a eager housewife or perhaps a Bond girl. By Bond girl, she is referring to one track, The Cats Pajamas. The song is regarding a woman double agent hired to kill a handsome guy agent. She’s staking him at the pool plus she is caught between doing what she is hired to do plus what she actually would like to do. This track was merely meant to be a movie. She mentioned.

Mandy contracted with Illinois native plus Director of her initial music movie, Frank Rice. “Whenever Mandy came to me regarding doing a movie, I swiftly became excited. I liked the track [The Cats Pajamas] has a surprisingly catchy chorus plus I liked the play found on the words. She utilizes a great deal of metaphors to convey her feelings towards somebody. I that way Not too direct or literal. He mentioned. I created my vision based about Mandy’s lyrics. I learn Mandy wants the quirky, kinda out-of-place stuff, yet I felt which this track required to be kept on a severe level. That steered my vision into shooting it more like a film, instead of a conventional music movie.” http://www.frankjricejr.com

Rice, that has guided music videos for JMD Records/Universal Music Group continues, “I reached out to my wise friend plus co-director, Nick Lam, for his technical plus 3rd eye expertise. He has a means of seeing elements a small different, that helped with all the numerous tips plus shots.”

Nicholas Lam, whom has guided commercials for BMW, Proctor & Gamble as well as the Democratic National Committee, plus TV pilots for E! Entertainment, CBS, 20th Century Fox, BET plus Bravo Networks, described the track because, “sultry plus fun, with merely the appropriate amount of edge to provide it a Bond-like sheen without coming over because campy or contrived. http://www.nicholaslam.com/

They all met a some instances to speak regarding the facts as well as the date was set. Associate Producer Nick Gibeault began to bring the different entities together: team, budget plus cast. I love producing considering challenges constantly happen, plus I discover anything unique with each shoot.

The treatment plus shot list were built. Props plus set d�cor were bought, lent or prepared. And Mandy situated her 60s design costumes from neighborhood classic thrift shops. A self-proclaimed lover of classic, Mandy mentioned, I have many shops which I frequently frequent plus my assortment of one-of-a-kind pieces has certainly grown. I sought authentic costuming for the movie, thus I created my rounds plus came up with what I found was the proper look.

The directors selected to go with long-time collaborator plus veteran cinematographer Nicolas Martin, whom has shot videos for these big names because Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, plus Rihanna. No cost was spared inside the creating of the movie, using double RED Epic cameras, a 26ft crane, a 3-ton light package along with a state-of-the-art steadicam. Frank adds, The Cats Pajamas was shot inside 5k, permitting for a greater cinematic feel plus look.”

The movie was shot inside 1 full day inside July at a private place inside San Diego, California. The team consisted of: Emmy Award winning Producer Andy Dugan, Director of Photography Nicolas Martin, Steadicam Operator Nathan Stern, Camera Assistant Marie Amelie-Martin, Gaffer Morgan Mercier, Grip Chuck Bo, Make-Up plus Hair Artist Bria Flores, Assistant Alyssa Chrencik, plus Stylist LaFawn Wesson.

Frank Rice complimented the team. This team certainly set the new standard. I’ve worked about sets where there were twice the team members, plus stuff didn’t receive completed. With about 50 cast members, most the shots consisted of the morning outside pool scene as well as the night interior casino scene.

The just obstacle you were fighting was the fast setting sunlight, as well as the have to be quiet following 8pm. So absolutely, it was simply a race up against the clock the whole time. However, you pulled it off like champs Nick Lam boasts. Mandy takes way perfectly, is good plus selfless inside the performance she puts forth, not works a diva, plus handles strain perfectly. She speaks to others with ease plus elegance plus was prepared to function with me inside each aspect of manufacturing.

Frank agreed There were many issues which came up, nevertheless again, like she usually does, she finds a method to create it result. That’s what I like right regarding her. No excuses, merely results. I usually enjoy Mandy. We only receive every different plus which makes it a remarkable experience.

I actually loved me, however there wasnt any time for dangling out or eating, Mandy claims. I was frequently inside hair plus make-up or perhaps a costume change. However I enjoyed the challenge of performing because this character, plus it had been a blast. The team certainly worked perfectly together.

After filming was wrapped, the footage was transferred to Editor Jacob Voelzke. Many notes plus edits were prepared, plus soon thereafter, the final cut was transmitted to Colorist Nathan Pena. The whole modifying task took less thank 2 months.

They all hope which on public launch, which the movie receives airtime about regional networks, MTV2 or VH1 underground rotation. Frank adds, A great deal of my neighbors have absolutely purchased the track from itunes.

Both Rising Sun plus The Cats Pajamas were received effectively at a cast plus team screening inside Hollywood about September of 2013. Both videos might officially be premiered about Saturday October 27th from 7:00pm – 11:00pm inside San Diego County, CA. Located inside the distinguished Del Mar Plaza, Flavor Del Mar usually accommodate the Premiere, that is free plus available to the public. The event can include a red carpet entrance, DJ, as well as the cast plus team of both music videos, that will be shown about a big projection screen about 8:30pm. Guests will RSVP at:


Flavor has been called Del Mar’s Best Ocean View eating experience, where timeless elements inside unexpected combinations take center stage to create food which is not fussy or over-complicated. Easy food, performed perfectly. Period.

San Diego’s Channel 6 interviewed Miz Mandy regarding the music videos plus event inside the last week of September. The San Diego Entertainer plus Lifestyles TV show can air Miz Mandy’s interview about Channel 6 CW about Sunday October 7th at 5:00pm PST.

Rising Sun was covered inside a past hit launch (September 2013) as well as the movie is accessible for online watching instantly after the San Diego Premiere, while The Cats Pajamas are not produced accessible online till December of 2013. Nicholas Lam laughs, What might a cat truly resemble inside pajamas?

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The modern BMW commercial (played throughout the Olympics) has a fantastic track played inside the background plus I can’t figure out exactly what it is. Anyone have any idea?

Answer by Erny
Possibly “sail” by awolnation not certain when im thinking the same commercial. YouTube it